Monday, June 11, 2007

Monache Meadows Chapter 2

As I stated in my last journal entry on Monache Meadows; From Bakersfield it is about 64 miles to Kernville, California on Hwy 178 East then 19 miles from Kernville to Sherman Pass. It is 32 miles of twisting rustic mountain road to Black Rock information Station. From Black Rock Information Station it is four miles to the Monache Jeep trail turn off and then another 4 miles to the staging area. From Black Rock Station it is about 2 more miles East to Troy Meadows camping; now $10.00 a night. It has bear safes,water and out houses. 4 Miles to Fish Creek Camp Ground; now $10.00 a night and has bear safes,water and out houses. You can take none 4x4s all the way to the staging area at the head of the Jeep trail, drive slow! Rocks, deer, motor bikes and hikers, 4 miles from the dirt trail.

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