Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The move to Laon/ Atchies in Northern France was necessary to coordinate with advances of the bombardment and the rest of the allied war machine. Again the move to a new base of operations was made the groups trucks and borrowed c-47s. According to a post war account by Lt. Colonel Ross E. Harlan (February, 1990): “ This time the move was made to Leon-Athies Airdrome in Northern France, or to what was left of it after our B-17s had blasted it no less than five times. The move began on the 13th of October and ended on the 5th.
11/04/44: Dear folks, I had a swell pass to Paris & it seems good to be back to the old tent after a little stay away. Our crew all went & we met two boys in Paris who are stationed there along with one of their friends who is French, a LT. in the F.F.I., he could speak English very well so he really took us around. I bough a lot of perfume but have not decided weather to send it home by mail or to bring it when I am lucky enough to come home.

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