Tuesday, March 31, 2009


James Harwood, a chip off the old core!

Flintknapper-Jimmy, from Paleo Planet fame, shows Grog his notching Style (above)


Wilton Knapp-in Review
March 27th, 28th and 29th
12543 Plum Lane
Wilton, California
Dave Sunderland sunwun@aol.com (916) 687-6370
I was coming home from our Anza Borrego Desert hiking trip, James was going back to Davis and we stopped off
In Wilton for one of the best knap-in’s I have ever been to. The first day knapping had already started; Jimmy from Paleo Planet was making his amazing Ishi Points Grog Verbeck, GaryPicket, Patric Aims and a host of others were bifacing . Dr. Susan Gleason was busy filling an arrowhead order.
James and I got a good camp down by the little lake near a pine covered knoll. The knapping and vitals neverslowed down. Wild game provided by John and Coral Piri, Patrick Aims and Dave Sutherland, a great host.

Grog and Patrick cook chow!

We were fortunate to have a real Chef, Grog Verbeck and helper Patrick Aims cookin’ the chow. I have to say we ate well all 3 days and all 3 meals each day.

Gary Picket's Class

Classes that I attended were:
Gary Pickett : Flintknapping, Biface basics.
Brian Barbier: Fire Making
Brian Barbier: Basket making
Patrick Aims: Arrow Straitening
Patrick Aims: Traditional Archery
Grog Verbeck: Clovis Fluting
Grog Verbeck: Giant Biface knapping

Brian Barbier's basket class, Above



Ray Harwood - night life was great!

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