Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chacolate Crackle Cookies

Chacolate Crackle Cookies

The first step in making chocolate crackle cookies is getting the ingredients.

Cubes of dark chacolate are premelted in the microwaive oven.

Powedered and liquid ingrediants are mixed in seperate containers.

The liquid and powder are mixed together like in chemistry class.

I mixed in the eggs last, don't look to close at the eggs, they look like boogers. If you get a shell fragment in there you have to use another shell piece to remove it, I don't know why.

The mixture is complete and you put it in the ice box for 3 hours for some reason.

The cold dough is rolled into balls, like deer turds, and rolled in powdered sugar.

you put the dough balls in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

The cookies are done and they are put them on cooling racks. I ate 16 of them and am now sick.

When I was a young kid my mom used to make us kids batches of Chocolate crackle Cookies. I used to love eating them and often pretended they were the giant tasty mushrooms from "Journey to the Center of The Earth"(sometime Snicker doodles played this role). Since I left home over 30 years I lived without this tasty treat. I did not know what they were called, or how they were made. Gradually chocolate Crackle Cookies faded from my endocrinal and the memory was gone. One day last month, I was visiting James and Kara in Davis, we went to the Davis Creamery (Cookie Connection), and there in a clean, well lighted, case laid back-lit in all its' glory, the Holy Grail of Cookiedom! Chocolate crackle Cookies! Suddenly a plethora of childhood memories came flooding back. I bought a whole bag of them and dared not share a single chocolaty delicious morsel.
I ate the delicious, decadent treats crumb by crumb, treasuring every miniscule morsel.
Then I desided to make my own Chacolate Crackle Cookies and found the Betty Crocker Cook Book that had the recipe.

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