Monday, June 13, 2011


The flakes on the glass is information, all three dimensional items can be recorded in two dimensions. The reality of the glass point is that if the point was never knapped the empty space that fills the notch would still exist, but the point would not. Light particles pass through the empty space of the notch, but also through the glass. I have no quarrel with your judgments, if judgment really exists. There was a time that there was a mass of glass, then converted to energy and much of the mass is gone, but information is left in the form of scars on the face of the mass. There are those whom say they have a god shaped hole in their soul. I say the notch is a soul shaped hole in an arrowhead. The mass that was there is gone, the notch is an absence of material or mass and it has been replaced by emptiness and information. In flint knapping there is no absolutes, just a random predictability. Cause and effect and the soul shaped hole. Space and time exist inside the notch and the notch exists inside space and time. You are only limited by your own imagination and the false idea of reality. If the material was there in a block, then not there- as a notch and one bent light and changed time then in some dimension the notch is not there and if the point is smashed and ground into powder, how do you know the notch is not still there?

Knap-in photo of Ray Harwood and Gary Picket is by :Corina Roberts. Used with her permission.

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