Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chamberlin Ranch in Los Olivos ...knap-in 2008

Chamberlin Ranch in Los Olivos ...knap-in 2008

The archery shoot went well, the weather was great, nice and sunny. Knappers came from all over the state. David, Gary and I drove up early this morning from Bakersfield. David drove us in his Chevy Suburban. Just before we got there we stopped and pigged out at Home Ton Buffet. On the way down we saw a heard of tule elk and then down the road two antelope were fighting with their horns.

Once there we met up with old friends Alton Safford, Joe Dabill, Barney DeSimone, Ralph Lawless, Patric Aims and Merkle with his new beautiful baby daughter, his Finegold knap-in is the 3rd weekend in May near Fresno, CA. John and George were
there, also from the Bakersfield knapping club, but wecould not find George.

It was a great day of flintknapping in the beautiful rolling hills of Chamberlin Ranch in Los Olivos, California. Gary Picket knapped an obsidian heart for a young lady, Barney brought in some nice porcelinite and obsidian to chip, Ralph Lawless knapped some nice bifaces out of some local cherts and some thick blue glass and had a great display. He gives demos and knapping lessons Joe Dabill knapped some Ishi points out of some green fiber optic material I gave him. Joe specializes in artifact reproductions and instruction in primitive technology(805)927-0254 see Joe's work @

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