Monday, April 7, 2008

Gray Ghost of Minter Field (written 2003)

I went to the Minter Field air show today. It was War Birds in
Action. Very nice. Met some old W.W.II Pilots and
bought 3 B26 pins. One guy had nice B26 shirts for sale I got his e-
mail : . Like always
there was great die cast models of every war bird - except the
B26. The Birds themselves were awesome; B25, B17,
P51, Corsairs, BT trainers and much more. It was $375.00 to ride the
B17- I'm to poor for that!
One interesting story is this. I was in line to buy my B26
pins, one 3-d side view pewter is awesome, and
the lady in front of me was buying all the B26 stuff she could find.
I told her my dad was a W.W.II B26 pilot and she
told me an interesting story. She was abandoned as a baby and wound
up adopted, she only recently found this out,
maybe a year ago. Since then she was on a quest to find her
biological parents. Well she found them last week and
her father was a B26 pilot, she and her husband were ecstatic, her
father was a war hereo and an importany part part
of world history, I just smiled like the straw suck'n hick I am and
said - yup-me too!In the afternoon, at home after
the air show, I heard a roar above, we ran out and looked to see the
shinny metal B17 flying low above our
Tonight the candle light dances with the shadows on
the wall and some footsteps grow fainter as
they echo down the hall. Tonight as the sun becomes a stranger and
saints and sinners share a brew -I'll put my
head on my pillow - smile- and say my pop was B26er -"yup-me too!"

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