Friday, December 7, 2007


Andrew Boehly, Marauder Archivist and Ray Harwood, son of B26 Pilot Ted Harwood.

Pops’s WWII artifacts and a B26 Marauder restoration at the Pima Air Museum
“In Pima Air & Space Museum, where history takes flight, is one of the largest air and space museums in the world, and the largest non-government funded aviation museum. You'll see more than 275 aircraft and spacecraft including many of the most historically significant and technically advanced craft ever produced, both from the United States and throughout the world.”
I took fairly detailed digital, still photos and video of dad's artifacts at the Pima Air Museum here in Tuscan, AZ . We must decide as a family if dad's other B 26 artifacts, documents , letters and photos should be in the museum under professional care or in our care? I have the expected mixed feelings. We must remember that dad himself sent the best artifacts here himself. I would like to stay in close contact with Mr. Boehly , the B 26 Archivist in Tuscan. He is very passionate about his role in the protection of these artifacts. He knew what was in the box and a lot about dad when I came in unannounced- just from my last name. The artifacts were sealed and tagged for curation and further research. In the museum, researchers from around the world and for decades to come will have access to this data. It is quite rare for the full context of artifacts to be known and stored with the official and personal data of the historic personality.

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