Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bob Hunt - Flintknapper

Fort Osage, Rocky Hollow, Cahokia Mounds and other famous knap-ins, have undoubtedly run into Bob Hunt, a master of the art of percussion knapping creating giant blades, such as Tennessee swords. He has learned along side the likes of Jim Spears and D.C. Waldorf. In 1979 he met Fred Bollinger at the Cahokia Mounds knap-in. Bob experimented with percussion knapping at Fred's side in 1983 and has been at it ever since , knapping Edwards Plateau chert points up to 25 inches. Bob Hunt used copper bopper technology, which now, it seems may have been used by native Americans as well. I met Bob through my old newletter "Flintknapping Digest" in 1984.

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